! The VM is a bit outdated. Please try the new Vagrant VM instead.

The virtual development machine runs on the Debian operating system and features the following functionalities:

  • Guest List Server (gitlab repository fluxcess-admin)
  • Check-In Server
  • HTML2PDF Converter
  • QR Code Generator

VM Access

The VM runs on VMWare. Once started, you can login directly or via SSH.

Operating system root user password 55555

Client preparation

fluxcess is a web-based software, hence you might want to use it with your web browser. We suggest to add the following entries to your local hosts file:

<ip of the virtual machine>	admin.fluxcess check-in.fluxcess qr.fluxcess html2pdf.fluxcess

If you do not know the ip address of the virtual machine, you can login to it via VMWare Player and execute the following command:

ip addr show eth0 | grep inet

Access the software

Once the entries exist in your hosts file and the hosts file is saved, you should be able to surf to these websites via your browser:

Feel free to create your own users, or to use the default dev user:

Username Password
dev@fluxcess.com 555555


You may access the MySQL database via http://admin.fluxcess/phpmyadmin. Credentials:

Username Password
root 55555

Test your code

There are several possibilities to test your code:

  • Edit code on your local computer and rsync it to the VM (recommended).
  • Edit directly on the development server. This is not recommended, because the development server is not connected to the git repository.